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H&M is one of the biggest clothing brands in the world, with its 1700 stores successfully operating in as many as 33 countries. H&M UK became popular for its highest quality at the most convenient price. H&M philosophy is not only clothing but also a social trend for those who dreams about high fashion and stylish affordable apparel and accessories.
The company closely interacts with the customers and it helps in growing fast in the fashion industry. H&M clothing brand expanded far from its homeland Sweden, starting from Germany (the biggest H&M market) the popularity continues with H&M UK where it has stores in most of the cities, and every year there are more locations opening world-wide.
H&M clothing is designed, manufactured and distributed with the special understanding of what people wanted to wear and how they wished to shop. H&M clothing trends are decided on the outlooks of designers, pattern creators and buyers which involves much planning from ideas to the clothing item in the store. Satisfying the great demand in H&M clothing is not a simple task, you have to deal with millions of items and it requires tremendous efforts in considering the customer's personal taste by balancing between classical and modern fashion trends.
H&M clothing items are designed for every occasion, almost every day there is a new article arriving to every H&M store, you are almost guaranteed to find apparel and accessories for your liking. H&M creates clothes for women, men, teenagers and children as well as underwear and cosmetics.
Prior to being delivered to the stores, H&M clothing goes through multiple tests in H&M laboratories such as tests for shrinkage, colour (so that it does not fade) and dry-rubbing. Children's clothing goes for the tests on sharp objects and flammability.
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